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I want to die



Great question!

BLENDED stars Funnyman Adam Sandler and America’s Sweetheart Drew Barrymore! It hits theaters nationwide May 23!

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i’m here to bring you your daily dose of cute college boy
have a great day

i’m here to bring you your daily dose of cute college boy

have a great day

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this is your chance to MAKE friends and all ur doing is sitting there complaining. get our there and do stuff. im sure your school has a commuters lounge or something find ppl talk to them they dont bite

this is good advice.

unfortunately, i am now home and don’t think i’ll be able to have time to go to the commuter’s lounge since i think i’ll be getting picked up at the same time as before and won’t have to wait

but in the case I do have to wait, i’ll look for the commuter’s lounge and try my best. thank you lan

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Update: I made a friend today.

He’s in my English 101 class and he went up to me to ask for help concerning this essay we have to write and then we started talking about intellectual things and about our lives and that kinda deal. 

He’s pretty much a scholar. 

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I also don’t have any friends so

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I have to wait in school for 2 hours FUCK me

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At school 40 minutes before my class starts because mom has important work stuff.
Kill meeeee

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